Waverley Borough Council

Waverley reduces servers by 84% and improves scalability

"We were impressed by the degree of care and attention Quadnet applied to the planning and preparation for the project, leaving nothing to chance. This was a major factor in minimising the impact on our organisation and preventing unwanted surprises."

The London Borough of Barnet is the second largest borough in London and one of the most diverse communities in the country. It has the demanding responsibility of providing a comprehensive range of services to its highly varied community while creating an environment conducive to economic growth.

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Modernising work

With a separate server for each application, Waverley faced several challenges, including:

Increasingly time consuming support and administration

No test environment, as it was cost prohibitive to have one for each application

Low server utilisation

Unacceptable power and space requirements

As a result, the organisation decided to adopt a virtualisation strategy.

Because of its confidence in Quadnet’s technical skills, Waverley commissioned the company to undertake a capacity planning exercise. Using VMware software tools, Quadnet measured the current load, determined the size requirements for the new virtualised systems and estimated the substantial energy savings that could be made.

Excellent price/performance


Quadnet recommended that Waverley should consider HP blade servers, because of their excellent price/performance ratio, and HP SAN storage, because of its high technical specifications.

Waverley has reduced the number of physical servers from 44 to 7, leading to:

Less management effort

Less space required

Substantial energy savings

A more sustainable operation

New virtual servers can be created in minutes

Waverley has a scalable architecture that will support future growth

It is now possible to have a dedicated testing environment

Two-day implementation

In close communications with Waverley’s staff, Quadnet planned the implementation meticulously.

To reduce the time spent on-site, all the equipment was delivered to Quadnet’s premises, checked and pre-configured.

Once the equipment was delivered to the council’s offices the final set-up phase only took two days.

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