Are slow cloud applications costing you money?



Critical applications like Exchange and CRM when moved to the Web can sometimes be an expensive mistake. Users often complain the system is slow which costs business money. The contract is normally long and extraction requires too much capital. So sorting the problem is crucial.


Knowing when the system is slow and where the problem lies is important.


  Is the problem with

SalesForce or

the network

I want people to

use the system

but it's slow



Head of IT

Head of




SalesForce is

 slow again and its

affecting my work

Head of IT would like to know


When the system is slow from our offices Is the problem with the Network or SalesForce? How much will it cost to fix?


Head of Sales would like to know


Are staff able to use the system when they want? How much is it costing when the system is slow? Has someone sorted the problem out?

How do we do this?


We have sophisticated systems that monitor how slowly computer applications are running, and then correlate the results against network performance.

How we can help you


Quadnet can implement and maintain the technology so their is no learning curve. We can alert you when there is a problem and then provide you with the data so you can troubleshoot.

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