Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Avoiding disaster at the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is an attractive and dynamic urban environment teeming with art galleries, museums, parks and shops and hosting some of the most famous tourist attractions in London.




Backups exceeding 24 hours

The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea needed to replace its backup solution, as both the hardware and software were out of date and the backup window was exceeding 24 hours. The Borough also needed to implement a more robust disaster recovery strategy.

The Borough approached Quadnet to quote on a solution it had already specified. However, Quadnet noticed a problem – there was a ceiling on the volume of data the solution could handle. Once that ceiling was reached the cost of expansion would be significantly greater than other possible solutions.

Alternative solution

When Quadnet raised this, the Borough agreed that it was a limitation. Quadnet proposed an alternative solution that was more scalable. After a number of meetings, where Quadnet carefully explained the technology, it was awarded the order.

Initially the solution was installed at the Borough’s main data centre. However, after approximately 12 months it was moved to a remote site, providing a robust disaster recovery solution.



Quadnet’s expertise allowed it to identify a potential issue that none of the other suppliers had raised

By the time the solution was implemented the Borough’s data volumes had already exceeded the ceiling of the original solution, validating the decision to go with an alternative solution

The solution proposed was capable of evolving into a full disaster recovery strategy

The Quantum Tape Library installed as part of the solution allows multiple tapes to be written simultaneously, significantly reducing backup times

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