Organisations today use outsourcers to reduce costs in IT.  These organisations agree targets with the outsourcer, normally set at the component level, such as servers and switches.


So if staff are experiencing problems at the desktop application, the outsourcer may still be meeting their targets.  Poor desktop applications then affect productivity and the bottom line.


So the agreement with the outsourcer should be based on how well the application is performing for the end user.  This is done in an easy to understand Service Level Agreement.

How do we do this?


We use End User Response Time technology for building reports that show availability of the application and how well it has been responding.  We can also map how many people the application has been affecting.


How can we help you?


Quadnet can implement and maintain the technology so there is no learning curve.  We can create the reports so you can independently hold your outsourcer to account, Or alternatively we could work with your outsourcer to produce the reports for them.


Call us today to see what is best practise and how else this technology can benefit you



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