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Fix slow applications that impact productivity


Quadnet consultants were really professional throughout the whole project. They provided us with a great service and they were easy to do business with

Mick Spain

Commercial Director

Great Guns Marketing is a highly successful business-to-business telemarketing agency who service customers such such as TomTom, Lloyds TSB and Accenture. It is the only UK business to have been accredited with the ICS Service Mark and has seventy contact staff over 2 locations.


Mick Spain, the COO at Great Guns Marketing, knew that his cloud-based CRM application was slow. As the application was used by 70 people across two sites he knew staff productivity and morale was being affected.



For the first time we were able to measure the cost of slow applications to the business, which was significant.


Mick Spain, Commercial Director




By using our Assessment Mick was able see the significant losses in black and white. He was able to change the CRM application and successfully negotiate termination without penalties

Application Slow 80% of the time

Lost Productivity of £270K due to the application being slow


Results of our Assessment

1. Survey to engage staff

This allowed staff to be engaged and showed the business there really was a problem


2. Box plot to see how bad it was

Below is a typical process, open, next record, click response which should take 4 seconds to complete when the system is performing well.


3. Supplier held to account

We mimicked several process to show when the application was slow and how much it was costing


Survey Questions

System Slow?


Rely on system?


Report Slowness?





Most staff don't report a problem

45 seconds for routine task which should take 4 seconds



12 Sec


9   10   11  12   13   14   15   16   17

Nov 2013

Box plot for Day Profile Overall Response Time

When application is slow  there is no bandwidth issues

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