Corporate Director briefing:

April 2017

Holding IT to account

Slow business systems - they not only frustrate individual users – staff and customers alike – but also cause immense damage to a council’s productivity and reputation. It’s inefficient, painful and unnecessary. The Spring 2017 London Ventures Briefing will explain for progressive, determined corporate directors exactly how to; reclaim millions in efficiency set KPIs that challenge IT align IT with the business agenda, not their own You'll learn, with case studies from the London boroughs of Islington, of Ealing and of Tower Hamlets, how to hold IT to account, as you would hold any other function to account for its contribution to the business.

Click: Corporate director of resources looks to improve efficiency through innovative approach to IT management

How will the event help you?

it will show how manage IT in a non-technical and measurable way

it will demonstrate how to deliver millions of pounds of efficiency savings

it will demonstrate how others have improved their e-government initiatives

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