Cloud computing solution reduces costs by 50%

Dahabshiil is the largest African on-line money transfer business with 34,000 agent locations and branches in 144 countries worldwide.




Poor service and high price

Dahabshiil was not happy with the service it received or the price it was quoted for putting in place the disaster recovery requirements needed to support the high volume and value of the transactions it generated.

Consequently, Dahabshiil asked Quadnet to investigate and recommend the most cost effective and reliable solution for achieving the company's goals.

Quadnet's consultants used their in-depth expertise to design a new infrastructure that would meet Dahabshiil's high availability, business continuity and expandability requirements.

Three options analysed

Quadnet then analysed three options:

1.  The infrastructure wholly owned, located in house and run by a third party

2.  The hardware part owned, hosted and managed by a service provider

3.  The hardware owned, hosted and managed by a service provider

It quickly becam apparent that the third option, often referred to as cloud computing, was the most cost effective.


Annual costs halved

New more stable and reliable infrastructure implemented with no up-front capital cost

Predictable, known monthly payments improves budgeting

Disaster recovery and high availability requirements built into the new solution

High performance assured through agreed service agreements

Supplier chosen

Quadnet also helped Dahabshiil select a suitable service provider, including constructing a highly detailed evaluation system for scoring tender responses.


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