Commonwealth Secretariat

Blades cut infrastructure server requirements

The Commonwealth Secretariat is a voluntary association of 54 countries that support each other and work together towards shared goals in democracy and development. We helped set up the infrastructure that would support primary and secondary education, and the training and development of teachers, across the Commonwealth.




Technology refresh

The Commonwealth Secretariat needed to refresh its existing infrastructure but wasn’t sure of the best way of doing it, so it asked Quadnet for a One-to-One Briefing.

Quadnet organised one of its One-to-One technology briefings at HP’s offices to bring the Secretariat up to date on the latest advances in storage area networks and blade servers. As a result, despite the fact that the Secretariat had a preferred supplier, it asked Quadnet to put forward a solution.

Sixteen physical servers were reduced to eight.

Space was saved as two racks were reduced to half a rack

Virtualisation has been introduced to improve server and storage utilisation

Staff were educated on the latest technology options

Educating staff

Quadnet’s specialists carefully analysed the Secretariat’s requirements for the next five years to put together a proposal. Quadnet also ran a series of education sessions designed to bring the Secretariat’s staff up to date on virtualisation, explain how the solution would work and describe the benefits it would bring.


The Secretariat now has an infrastructure that will support it for the next five years

Rigorous selection

The design and tender document were produced and, after a rigorous selection process, Quadnet was chosen to implement the solution it had designed.

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