Slow Business Application Assessment

Understand the real impact of slow business systems on your business


Instinctively I knew slow applications were a problem but I needed to know in black and white

John Galsworthy

Head of Parking Services, London Borough of Islington

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What you get

Staff Survey to engage staff and get their perspective

We take care of the survey end to end and work with the department heads. It is emailed to all staff and consists of some simple questions which take less than a minute to answer. We then present the results back to you.



Information that shows losses from slow application

We measure a number of typical  processes an application is performing using a PC that mimics a user. We then present this so the business can understand the impact.

Basic Root Cause  to get experts engaged

One of the difficult things for an IT departments is to see when the application is slow and what the underlying components are doing. We do this and present the detail as well as the summary.





Sample Questions

System Slow?


Rely on system?


Report Slowness?

% of Time Application


V Slow



Productivity Losses

Jan   Feb   Mar

% of Time Application










Solution Successes


Negotiating with Cloud supplier at Great Guns

The Assesment established that the cloud provider was at fault by confirming internet connection was fine when application was running slow.




Root Cause identification with trends at Islington

Islington were able to see exactly what times of the day the system was slow, then the IT department established what was going on at that time.




Business case to upgrade lines at Teach First

IT Department was able to show the business how much productivity was being lost due to a slow leased line and secure funds for the upgrade




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